Passion led us here. Our clients are why we stay.

Hi! I´m Lori

Founder & Director of Calm


My team and I are like your personal fairy godmothers. We understand that life is busy and the thought of tackling a move is overwhelming. That’s where we step in. We take care of the heavy lifting, manage those intimidating to-do lists, and transform your chaos into calm.

Together, we’ll navigate this journey—one box, one room, and one shared smile at a time.

Meet the Team

Maria Severance

Sr. Team Lead

Shari Roberts

Team Lead

Anna Fike

Team Member

Ann West

Team Member

Julie Schea

Team Member

Maureen Lykins

Financial Coordinator

Anne Cullen

Team Member

Kim Kyle

Operations Manager

Paige Tait

Team Member

Camille Williams

Team Member

Boone English

Chief Morale Officer

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Fun things about us...


We have traveled to Florida, Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Virginia, Illinois, South Carolina, and Georgia to work with clients.


As adults, our team has personally moved over 100 times!


While we specialize in moves for older adults, a good portion of our clients are busy professionals and active families.


Chaos2Calm is fully powered by a team of amazing women.


“Chaos2Calm is one of the best companies I’ve ever worked with.

Chaos2Calm is one of the best companies I’ve ever worked with. Lori and her team were professional, friendly, and super efficient from start to finish. They have a keen sense of a person’s style and can recreate that in a new location. They helped downsize my Father from a 2000 sq foot home to a 700 sq foot apartment and managed the entire process so seamlessly that when he entered his apartment for the first time he cried with joy because it felt so much like his other home. He literally was able to walk in and start living- every picture was hung, clothes were hung, drawers filled – all unpacked and ready to go! Room2Improve is sensitive to your budget and helped us save money on the movers cost because they did so much of the work themselves! I would highly recommend this company to anyone who wants help with their move.

– Carolyn Serpe

“I wanted to share how incredibly grateful I am to you and your team for ALL that you did for my parents. Especially mom.

My mom is a wonderful person with many good qualities, but patience is certainly not one of them!
She ABSOLUTELY ADORES her new home and I know for a fact it is not the structure but the way she was able to come in and – instantly – feel at home. I asked her today – if you knew you would be this happy 1-2 weeks ago, would you have been so upset? She said she would not.
I also want to say how much I myself LOVE everything you all did in their home. Absolutely beautiful. Every detail and thought, every placement and decision were spot on to their needs. She said she could “never in a million years do all that they (you) did” with such precision and compassion.
Although I imagine you know how good your team is at what they do, sometimes it is nice to be reminded that what you all are doing is making an impact on people’s lives.
– Lesley Edwards

“They were careful with my belongings and were very efficient with packing everything.

Maria and Julie were warm and kind throughout the entire process. They were careful with my belongings and were very efficient with packing everything. It felt as though they really cared and I would recommend this company to anyone making a move. They made this the easiest move I have ever had.

– Becca Allen

“Lori and her team did a 5 star job in moving my aunt from a one bedroom apartment into an assisted living studio apartment.

From start to finish they were amazing! In one day they moved selected furnishings and belongings and set everything up in the new apartment. Afterwards they donated and disposed of the remaining items. This turnkey approach was like magic.

– Ann Nelson

“Lori and her team of helpers were very efficient.

Always asking is there anything else we can do for you. Everything arrived in great condition, nothing was broken or banged up. The movers she uses, You Move Me, were very good as well. No furniture was damaged. I would use Room2Improve again should I ever have to move again.

– Wanda Moen

“I would tell anyone who needs help organizing, selling, removing, downsizing, estate clean up etc. to contact them.

We contacted Lori & her team to help us remove over 25 years worth of office furniture, supplies, artwork, appliances and everything in between. She promised me it would be handled, the building would be completely emptied and swept out by our agreed upon date. The amount of work the entire team did was absolutely incredible. They took photos, cataloged, organized, loaded, unloaded and kept every single promise they made. They went above and beyond and made what would have been a nearly impossible task come to fruition. I would tell anyone who needs help organizing, selling, removing, downsizing, estate clean up etc. to contact them. Don’t hesitate- they are honest, trustworthy and some of the hardest working people I’ve ever worked with.

– The Chamber, Leading Business in Cabarrus

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Move Manager?

A Move Manager is a professional who specializes in assisting with the logistical and physical aspects of a relocation or home transition. They have the experience and resources to help navigate basic and complex moves expertly. People often liken us to wedding planners – but for a move.

What does a Move Manager do?

Although specific services vary, most Move Managers will:

  • Develop, coordinate, and execute a move plan
  • Organize and sort for downsizing
  • Create custom floor plans
  • Interview, schedule, and supervise movers
  • Professionally pack and unpack items
  • Set-up and decorate the new home
  • Shop and purchase furniture and household items
  • Handle shipping and storage of items not being moved
  • Arrange for the disposal of unwanted items (donation, sale, trash)
  • Stage current home
  • Clear and clean current home
  • Miscellaneous move-related services

Who uses Move Managers?

  • Older adults
  • Busy families
  • Busy professionals
  • Active families
  • Adults with disabilities
  • Realtors
  • Trust and bank officers
  • Geriatric care managers
  • Attorneys
  • Social service providers
  • Senior housing communities
  • Physicians
  • Allied health personnel

Why should I use a Move Manager?

Moving is stressful. Really stressful. A Move Manager is there to work alongside you to help alleviate the workload. Their experience ensures that details aren’t forgotten and your move is seamless and smooth.

How long have you been providing services?

The short answer? Since 2013. We began offering move management services as Chaos to Calm in 2013. In 2018 Chaos to Calm was sold to WayForth and Lori tried (unsuccessfully!) to slow down. In 2020 Room2Improve was founded as a new move management company. We rebranded to Chaos2Calm December 2023.

Will you provide a written estimate and contract?


Do you interview, schedule, and oversee movers?

Yes! We handle all of that for our clients. Additionally, we only partner with movers who are licensed, insured, and in good standing with local regulatory agencies.

How do you charge?

We provide a written estimate upfront that outlines what we expect your project will cost. We have an hourly rate based on the number of team members working.

Can you provide references?

We would LOVE to – just let us know how many you’d like!

Do you offer customized floor plans?

We do! Contact us for more information.

Do you have a solution for unwanted items?

Yes! We will present and implement solutions that may include online auction, sale through social media, estate sales, donation, and other options.

What if I want to do some of the work myself?

That’s fine! We’re here to support you as much as you’d like.

Are your team members employees or contractors?

Every member of our team is a vetted, trained, uniformed, and insured employee of Chaos2Calm.

Are you insured?

Yes. We carry both workers compensation and general business insurance.